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Andy Gibson

Inspector Fuck Head
You’re A Big Baby

Drinking water like medicine
You’re a big baby
Getting drunk in a garage with friends
Cut your wrist opening the side yard gate
You’re a big baby
Time isn’t a measurement of quality
My favorite memories last close to nothing
A touch, a laugh, a perfume
I’m a big baby


I’m going to be gone for little over a week starting tuesday, all orders placed today can be sent tomorrow, but after that you’ll have to wait until I get back. Thanks!

Unplug me

In case anyone was curious, a “cigarette pact” is when you bum a smoke from someone and there’s an unspoken obligation to let that person bum one from you some other time.

When I came up with it, it was just a dumb pun though.

Buddha Little Statue

Sitting on the church steps
Ash in between my teeth
Lighter between my nails
Rock N Roll in my ears
What a fucking cliché mess
Apology to my old brain and future body
Poetry shits
I’ll sit here until my friend is out of his dentist appointment
And then what?
Drive my crashed car two towns over again?
No. Tomorrow.
Oh well.
I can wait here until then.

"marie" by Andy Gibson
Multi-media 2014
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incensehotbox: I got my copy of Cig Pact today (82/90) and it is hella rad. I love everything about the contents of this envelope I received today. It's all very special and very beautiful. Love it. <3

I’m really proud with how it all came together, and glad i could share it all with everyone (◡‿◡✿)