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Andy Gibson

Throwback to when I threw this together. Funny story, the front cover was originally going to be the back cover, until I figured out it was only going to be half-backed, so I decided to make the back the front. Still one of the coolest things I’ve done in my opinion, I like looking at the shit I’ve made on crumby nights. 

Brown Horse is such a good album, can’t wait for it to officially release. R.L. Kelly and Spencer Radcliffe did not disappoint. When you can, listen to Tattoo on the Spencer side. So good.

Listened to the new Tough Stuff album and Mitchell told me his idea of an album cover. It’s pretty silly but him and Brandon like the result so that’s cool! 2 for 2. In unrelated news I had a dream that I got rejected by a cute girl.

These turned out cool.
I’ll pimp out your pick guard.
someone take pictures of me

Bleed For Art
first page of Margret Rosewater
(after a bad lip bite)

This comes out tomorrow!!
The next 4 orders from the goofpunx store will get one of these patches i have along with it !!
Bleed For Art
first page of Margret Rosewater
(after a bad lip bite)
goofpunx album playlist

1. Tiny LungsDevil Who Painted the Wagon Red b​/​w Made Up War Stories

2. Coma Cinema - Baby Prayers

3. Julia Brown - an abundance of strawberries

4. Orchid Tapes - Angeltown II compilation

5. The Spookfish - Living Room

6. Dungeon Kids - Twin Ebb Tide

7. Alex G - Dream State University

8. Walter - By Golly

9. Glocca Morra - Just Married

10. Frankie Cosmos - Love Rind