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Andy Gibson


After losing 20 copies of it at this year Orchid Tapes showcase we’re down to 46 copies left of Cigarette Pact. Walter Mitty & his makeshift orchestra are being kind enough to haul along some goofpunx supplies on their US tour, including Cigarette Pact and Margret Rosewater.


Andy Gibson in Issue #036

The bottom is an early version of an old poem that will be in Margret Rosewater.

Still got these minus the tough stuff tape + collection of poems zine, reduced from $20 to $14 respectively.

The collection of poems zine is sold out…forever. Looking back I’m not completely fond of it anymore, my writing has evolved completely over the last year and a half, and i am no longer trying to be bukowski. It was a good run and it was my first zine, but after putting my last copy in this order I cant see myself ever reprinting it. Margret Rosewater is going to be mostly poem based with art to compliment it, kind of how Falling Apartments 2 was art based with short one lined poetry to compliment it. Any ways, you’re not missing out on much with that old zine, but thanks to all who grabbed one. Better and cooler shit is on its way.

I decided to be nice and make tough stuff patches for he rest of the college  orders. There’s still one left if you want to grab one!

I think I put way too much shit in orders lol

Lil’ update. There are 10 Hillary Chillton//Void Boys splits left, and 3 more Tough Stuff cassettes left. The next order of the tough stuff tape will get the patch pictured above with their order. Neat!