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Andy Gibson

8 Tough Stuff cassettes left!

Thank you to everybody who’s gotten one

The next order will still get a Chinese New Year chapbook so get on that B)

Tough Stuff still has 6 for their shows, the next one is this Wednesday in Pomona, CA : Facebook event page. You might be seeing one of those names again soon.

I’ll be sending the orders out sometime this week, once paypal transfers to my bank account. Get happy.

Keep the poison in your mouth but never swallow it.
We learn to enjoy and entertain each other

I created my Magnum Opus
And planned to give it to someone
But then they crawled out of my life again
So I’m going to keep it
And have it rot with me
But if that person comes back
I know better than to waste paint on someone who can’t waste time with me

Tough Stuff - College cassette out now

The link is here below to order one

cool nite, nΓΌ song.